Use the videos below to create your Chocolate Ganache Brownie Hearts!! It is important that you watch them in order and don’t skip over any part of the lesson. Chocolate Ganache can be a little tricky!!

IMPORTANT: Wait until brownies are completely cool before moving onto video 2.

IMPORTANT: Move onto video 4 immediately. You don’t want your Ganache To Cool.

Trouble Shooting Ganache:

  • You are looking for a consistency that is loose enough that it can be drizzled over the brownies, but not so loose that it doesn’t leave a thick layer. You should need to use your spoon to gently push the ganache towards the edges.
  • If your ganache is too thin, let it sit for awhile it will thicken. If it doesn’t thicken enough .. you can reheat it over low heat on the stove and add some extra chocolate chips.
  • If your ganache is too thick, place the pot over low heat and add about 1 tsp. of cream at a time until the consistency is correct.