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120% funded

The Hager’s freezer ingredient cost has already been funded! I think it was a new record in terms of how quickly the money was raised. Thank you to everyone who donated.
The Hager’s (like most of our recipients) will require a loaner freezer as they will not be able to store the amount of food we deliver into their home freezer. All 3 of our freezers are “out on assignment.” Any donations through the Hager’s link will now be put towards the cost of adding a new freezer to our “fleet.” ❤️


Meet Garett Hager and his family! They were nominated to receive one of our deep freezers filled with healthy meals by Theresa Reynolds and Cheryl Hager. With the help of volunteers, Simply Serving will be preparing a month’s worth of homemade meals for the Hager family to enjoy during this difficult time. Read below to learn more about Garett’s story or to gift a meal or more to the family!

Cheryl and Theresa wrote the following:


Nomination #1:

“After several weeks of not feeling well, Garett scheduled appointments to seek answers. While out of town working, he couldn’t wait any longer and found himself in the Emergency Room in Atlanta GA. God knew where he needed to be though, which just happened to be a hospital with a cancer center. Renee, his wife, was told she needed to be close so she left their 2 boys home with her amazing sister and spent her time anxiously waiting in a hotel room. Due to Covid restrictions, she was prohibited to visit Garett in the hospital. Garett underwent a major surgery and was released a week later. After some initial confusion about a diagnosis, on April 5th, doctors in Lexington confirmed he has stage 3 colorectal cancer. Today Garett received his first treatment of chemo. Over the next several months, Garett will receive both chemo, radiation and possibly some additional surgeries. Garett has kept his good sense of humor but knows there will be some rough days ahead. He is strong and has the support from family and friends to defeat this disease.

This family has 2 young, active busy boys and Renee is always going above and beyond to help others. I would love to be able to help take away the worry of dinner each night between doctors appointments, treatments and maintaining the boys schedules.”  – Cheryl Hager

Nomination #2:

“Renee is an amazing counselor at Nicholasville Elementary School. She is a self sacrificing and wonderful person. Her two boys are very active in sports and they lead a very busy life. Garrett, her husband, was just diagnosed with colon cancer. This was such a blessing to my family during Molly’s journey with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and I want to make sure she gets to experience that gift of people lifting her up during a stressful, busy, and difficult time in her life.” – Theresa Reynolds

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