What is the Meal Meal Club

The meal club is Simply Serving’s group of core, committed monthly donors.

Why Should you join the meal club?

  1. It keeps our freezer inventory stocked. Monthly donors ensure that we can deliver freezers quickly when needed, without being forced to fundraise first.
  2. It provides predictable revenue. Monthly giving helps Simply Serving avoid the peaks and valleys of fundraising, ensuring we can spend more time on planning, cooking and delivery logistics – and less on fundraising.
  3. Simply put, it sustains our work. The meal club supports the day to day work of Simply Serving and demonstrates an ongoing commitment to our mission.
  4. Donate $30+ monthly (supporter level), you’ll receive a cookbook binder containing all of our freezer recipes that we give to our recipients. Our meals are simple to assemble, budget friendly, VERY well tested, and most importantly … FREEZE WELL!
    monthly giving:

    Become a meal club member today.