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Simply Serving Impact Report – Strange Times

I normally use a template to create these posts, but NOTHING going on in our world right now is template friendly. These are unprecedented times. I have written and re-written this post multiple times over multiple weeks and I fail to publish because I keep thinking that I can wait until I know EXACTLY what is going on and EXACTLY how Simply Serving will proceed.

Currently, like most of the United States, we are shut down. I’ve mentioned before that we don’t have a designated health department approved kitchen, so when churches shut down, so did our ability to prepare our freezer meals. We ABSOLUTELY support the governor’s decision to implement “healthy at home” and know that suspending freezer distribution is the right decision.

Prior to CoronaVirus, we had some big things in the works for this month. I am confident/prayerful that when life resumes, these opportunities will still be available.

Let’s get to the April Impact Report UPDATE shall we?

We Got Official 501 (c)3 Status:

I’m going to start with some really fantastic news. Simply Serving is now recognized by the IRS as an official charity. This means that we are able to apply for grants, provide tax deductions to our donors and have achieved tax exempt status. This was a huge hurdle that was months in the making. Yay, for happy news! If you would like to make a tax deductible donation you can do so by CLICKING HERE.

Designated Kitchen Space:

This remains our LARGEST hurdle. I always struggle with writing these updates because while I want to keep donor’s updated, I also tend to overshare. At the risk of doing so, let’s talk kitchen space.

In late February, we purchased blueprints and hired a builder to begin construction on the Simply Serving kitchen. The PLAN.. build it on a piece of property that Joe and I recently purchased. It feels necessary to share that the construction would have been at our personal expense. We were not planning to use donated money for this project. We found an excellent builder who offered to oversee the project pro-bono and the plan was to break ground the second week of March. Between making the decision in late February and applying for the permit Mid-March, CoronaVirus struck. Joe works in the medical field so, when elective surgeries cancelled, so did his need to report to work. With the tank of the stock-market and job-uncertainty, we are unable to commit the funds required to build the kitchen at this time. As Joe continues to remind me, this is not a “NEVER HAPPENING,” it’s a “NOT RIGHT NOW.”

Forks of Elkhorn Baptist Church:

Early March we secured permission from Forks of Elkhorn Baptist Church in Midway to use their commercial kitchen 1x per week free of charge!!! They graciously offered to help connect us with members of their congregation who may be willing to volunteer by preparing meals and children who may be interested in enrolling in Simply Serving -KIDS Cooking Classes. The opportunity was offered as a 1-month trial to ensure that all parties involved were happy with the arrangement. We were blown away by their generosity and are hopeful that once restrictions on gathering are lifted, we will be able to take advantage of this offer.

Simply Serving – KIDS Cooking Classes

Our Simply Serving – KIDS Cooking Classes are our largest source of income. They have supported the legal fees associated with 501c(3) status, freezer and kitchen equipment purchases and much more. We look forward to resuming these cooking lessons and I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t miss our Sunday afternoon’s, but in the interest of keeping everyone healthy, they are on pause for now. If you are interested in signing up your child, click here to join our email list. You will be the first to know when new sessions become available. We are working to make up for the loss of income by selling our very first cookbook! Get the details below.

We Are Sharing Our Recipes:

Each freezer that we deliver includes 25 family-friendly frozen recipes labeled with cooking instructions. These aren’t your average freezer meals. They include fresh ingredients, lots of flavor and are time-tested favorites. Our recipes are simple to assemble, budget-friendly AND really tasty (if I do say so myself).

Over the “break” I have spent time writing out each recipe and creating our first ever Cookbook! It contains ALL the recipes that we include in our freezers as well as our instruction labels that we attach to each of our meals. Just think.. you could spend this time at home stocking your own freezer with healthy meals you can enjoy when life speeds back up. The included meals are also perfect for gifting to new mothers, elderly family members or friends impacted by illness.

100% of the funds raised will go towards supporting Simply Serving. Hard copies of the cookbook are priced at $30.00 or you can purchase a digital version for $20.00. All cookbook purchases are tax deductible.If you’re interested in purchasing a copy (first of all, THANK YOU) and second of all…. CLICK THIS LINK TO PRE_ORDER. Pre-ordering helps us plan for how many cookbooks to have printed AND provides Simply Serving with much needed donations. With the cancellation of our cooking classes, we are struggling. Digital copies will be sent via email on April 20th. Hard Copies will mail out on May 1st. Shipping is FREE.

That’s It For Now

I am SO looking forward to connecting with everyone again in May. I’m optimistic that it will be a post full of exciting updates and written using a template:) Stay well!

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