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We Are Simply Serving

Our Mission…

Simply Serving provides 25 high-quality meals delivered in a deep freezers to families who are currently impacted by a serious medical diagnosis. We recognize that a parent’s natural instinct is to care for their children. Chemotherapy and radiation make day-to-day tasks like meal planning, grocery shopping and preparing meals overwhelming. We offer practical support and stress relief to our families by ensuring that dinner is on the table.

And We Just Keep Growing!!!!

Welcome to the NEW website! After ENDLESS hours and email chains with tech-y type people that are WAAAAAAY smarter than me.. it’s actually live! And, I did it myself (I’m just a little proud). Please take some time and look around, learn about Simply Serving and ultimately… it’s my hope that you’ll decide to get involved.

The response to the freezer meals has been AMAZING. With all the crazy that is going on in the world, it’s nice to know that there are people who are kind, compassionate and generous beyond my wildest expectations. Simply Serving is lined up to serve 3 new families in the month of January and we hope to double that number next month.

In other news, Simply Serving was featured in Parents Magazine last month. Huge thanks to Sally from At Real Mom Nutrition for writing the article and hooking us up with the opportunity. You can read the article here.

Growing Pains…

Currently there are 34 families on the waiting list to receive a freezer filled with high-quality meals. It breaks my heart that we can’t help everyone, but we are constrained by a lack of funding, volunteers and most pressing …. a designated commercial kitchen space.

Funding /Commercial Kitchen Space:

Despite an outpouring of love and support from our community, our waiting list is large. Providing freezers for the entire list would cost a minimum of $17,000 in groceries alone. This doesn’t include the cost of kitchen rentals and deep freezers.

For now, we prepare our meals at the Jessamine County Extension Office and are beyond grateful for the opportunity. However, there are some serious drawbacks.

  1. We have to rent the space by the hour. This adds an additional expense of $170.00/freezer in addition to the groceries.
  2. We are only able to use the facility during the week from 8:30 -4:30. This is not ideal for most of our volunteers as they are either working or home or home with young children during this time.
  3. We don’t have exclusive rights to the kitchen space, meaning that we are only able to use the space on an as available basis.

With our current kitchen setup, we are able to serve 2 families per month. With a designated space, we could serve 12. Additionally, we could expand our Simply Serving KIDS – Cooking for a cause program (cooking classes) which is a huge fundraising opportunity for Simply Serving.

A small space that meets our basic needs has been located (and funded!). We have met with the health department at length in order to determine the exact requirements Simply Serving must meet in order to build out a kitchen that is in compliance. It’s NOT overwhelming! Our deep freezers, refrigerators and ovens are up to code, however the space is raw so there is a list of necessary building materials and some kitchen equipment that is required in order to set up the space. Lucky for me, I “have a guy” who is willing to do the work for free (marry a great man ladies!).

After a great deal of research, we have determined that if we are able to raise $6,500, Simply Sissom can operate out of our own health department approved kitchen!

Will you help us make it happen????

You can make a donation HERE.


Without volunteers, this mission won’t succeed. Huge shout out to the Lexington Catholic High School Cheerleading squad who donated their time and helped to prepare 24 freezer meals for our December families. One of the biggest challenges has been finding people willing to give their time. Currently we are looking for Volunteers who are available on Thursdays from 9:30 – 2:30 (or any chunk of time in-between). We are hopeful that we will soon have a designated kitchen space that will allow us to offer nights and weekend options for those who work or care for small children during the day. If you are interested in volunteering.. you can check out our available time slots HERE.

Get Involved….

As I navigate the world of non-profit, there is one thing I know. Transparency is key. If you choose to donate your time and/or money, it’s important that you know exactly how it’s being used.

For this reason, when you volunteer your time, we will share with you the story of the person that you are preparing meals for and provide pictures of the freezer being delivered.

When you donate your money, you get to choose exactly how it’s spent. Our website has individual donation campaigns set up. Choose a specific family/purpose OR donate to our general fund and know that 100% will be used in growing our program so that we can provide meals for as many families as possible.

Quick Links…

Check Out Our New Website

Donate – Commercial Kitchen

Donate – General Fund



  • Jennifer brown

    Reply January 4, 2020 10:15 pm

    Bailey this whole project/passion is just extraordinary! I am so proud to know you and 100% want to support you. When after school hours become available I will for sure take a volunteer spot! In the meantime, I am making a donation toward your space rental. Thank you for making your dream a reality! It is so refreshing!

  • Mom

    Reply January 4, 2020 11:06 pm

    I will pledge a big pan of lasagna to every family!!! And of course, my time, whenever you need me

  • Mom

    Reply January 4, 2020 11:17 pm

    I will pledge a big pan of lasagna to every recipient and, of course, my volunteer time whenever you need it!

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