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Why Meals?

Simply Serving / Why Meals?

01Our Mission

Cancer is often accompanied by treatments that make grocery shopping and preparing meals difficult to manage. Simply Serving is a meal delivery program that provides deep freezers filled with high-quality meals at no charge to households directly impacted by cancer.

What we do sustains the people we serve and makes day-to-day life easier for our families. We can’t offer a cure, but we CAN eliminate stress and allow parents impacted by cancer the freedom to rest and recover.

  • We plan the meals.
  • We purchase the ingredients.
  • We assemble the recipes.
  • We include serving instructions.
  • We provide a deep freezer.
  • We deliver the meals.

02Why Frozen Meals?

Our meals are delivered on the first Sunday of the month in a deep freezer that we allow our families to use for up to 30 days. It is necessary that we provide freezers on loan as the average family will not have space to store 25 family meals in their kitchen. Our freezers have all been donated by local families.

Delivering meals 1x per month instead of daily or weekly is less disruptive to our families.

Our families can enjoy the recipes as needed without concerns about spoilage or waste.

It's efficient. Less gas, less travel, less, expense, less volunteers.

03How Can I Help?

If you’re local, one of the most wonderful gifts you can give us is your time. Our volunteers meet weekly to prepare and package our frozen meals. We have worked with sports teams, church groups and groups of friends who are interested in giving back to their community.

Donations are always appreciated and it is our promise that 100% of money collected will be used towards providing our families with meals. You can choose to donate towards a specific cause or elect to give to our general fund.

Meeting our monthly volunteer and donation goals allows us to provide 3 families impacted by a cancer diagnosis with 25 high-quality freezer meals each.  See below to learn how close we are to meeting our goals for the current month.

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We couldn’t operate without the help of our volunteers. Join us!